Allmond Aviation’s professional flight instructors have a wide range of aviation experience and backgrounds, allowing you to find an instructor who fits your learning style and who can help you achieve your goals. Our flight instructors work around the clock to help you obtain that first certificate, next rating, or recurrent training. With your personalized syllabus we’re able to train around your schedule and make flying fun, enjoyable, and safe for everyone.

Private Pilot Certificate

  1. Minimum of 40 hours of flight
  2. Minimum of 20 hours of flight with a flight instructor which includes:
  • 3 hours of cross-country
  • 3 hours of instrument flying
  • 3 hours of night flying
  3. Minimum of 10 hours of solo flight which includes:
  • 5 hours solo cross-country
  • 3 takeoffs and landings at an airport with a control tower
The balance of 10 hours may be with a flight instructor or solo.

NOTE: 40 hours is the minimum set by the Federal Aviation Administration. While the national average is 70 hours, that is based on completing the rating over the course of a year. The hours will vary depending on the frequency of training. We encourage the students to fly at least two or three times per week in order to help reduce the overall cost of their training.

Instrument Rating 

  1. 120 Hours Total Time 
  2. 50 Hours Cross-Country PIC Time
  3. 40 Hours of instrument time
  4. 3 Hours training prior to practical test
  5. Long Cross Country of more then 250NM with a different instrument approach at each airport
  6. Written Knowledge Test Required

Other Training

* Commercial Certificate

* Certified Flight Instructor 

* Multi Engine Training

* Flight Reviews

* Instrument Proficiency Checks

* Drone (Remote Pilot) Certificate 



Medical Certification

Medical certificates must be obtained through an aviation medical examiner. We recommend using Dr. Bruce Chien in Boilingbrook, IL. We can fly to Boilingbrook with you to recieve your medical at no extra cost.

Dr. Bruce Chien